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22-11-2014 Uitnodiging voor het zeslandentoernooi 2015

Het toernooi wordt gehouden van 3-7 april 2015 in Frankrijk

22nd Six Nations Chess Tournament
for blind and visually impaired players

Organizer : ESMGO-ECHECS
M. VAUGEOIS Cyrille Tél : +33 6 62 06 50 18 mail : vaugeois.cyrille@wanadoo.fr

Our club is happy to organize this very nice tournament. It will take place at the same time as our traditional International Open called Trophée Claude Leroyer (a 7-rounds Swiss system 1h plus 30s per move Open).

Location of the competition : Complexe DOJO/Echecs, rue des sports 76700 Gonfreville l'Orcher, France
Gonfreville l'Orcher is located in Haute-Normandie, near Le Havre.
Access : By train : Paris - Le Havre connection (arrival at the Le Havre station)
By road : A13 and A29 highways.
By plane : Paris or Beauvais airports
We can organize transportations to pick up delegations at the Le Havre station
Venue :
Hôtel Campanile ** 100 metres away from the playing hall
Address : ZAC du camp Dolent 76700 GONFREVILLE L'ORCHER
Tél : +33 2 35 51 43 00 GPS :data GPS: 49.5107 N - 0.227889 W

Support of the delegations by the organizer
Full board and lodging for 6 people from friday evening to tuesday morning
6 rooms per delegation
Breakfast : buffet
Special tournament menu : starter, main and dessert*
*extra drinks at the expense of delegations

Rates for extra guests
Room : 34 € per night
Local tax : 1 € per day
Breakfast : 9,9 €
Special tournament menu : 10 € (other menus availale, between 15€ and 25€)

Obligations of the delegations :
- Pay the amount of 800 € (plus extra guests expenses if more than 6 people are coming) to the AEPA account before March 1st, 2015
IBAN : FR36 2004 1010 1000 7213 8N03 142
- Communicate the name of the persons constituting the delegation

Dates and tournament schedule :

Friday April 3, 2015 : 14h to 19h : arrival of delegations
19h30 to 21h : Opening ceremony, cocktail and buffet supper in the presence of elected officials and partners of the tournament
Saturday April 4, 2015 : 9h to 13h : Round 1
13h to 14h : lunch
14h30 to 18h30 : Round 2
19h to 20h : dinner
Sunday April 5, 2015 : 9h to 13h : Round 3
13h to 14h : lunch
14h30 to 18h30 : Visit of a Norman distillery (cider, calvados)
19h to 20h : dinner
Monday April 6, 2015 : 8h to 12h : Round 4
12h to 13h : lunch
13h30 to 17h30 : Round 5
17h30 to 19h : Closing ceremony
19h30 to 21h : Closing dinner
Tuesday April 7, 2015 : Departure of delegations

Arbiter : International Arbiter Anémone Kulczak (to be confirmed)
Time control ; 2h finish
Important : This event will count for the FIDE rating. All participants must have a FIDE ID. Players who do not have a FIDE ID must request one to their chess federation.
Games will be broadcasted live on the internet through DGT chessboards.

Prizes : every delegation member will be offered a souvenir from our region, and every team and player will get a prize.

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